DMS 462/562: Game Design

Project 1

First version due Thursday, September 6, in class
Second version due Thursday, September 13, in class

Create a simple racing-type of board game. This must be a board game, and should not take too long to design - keep it simple. The rules should be no more than 1 page. It should be playable by 2 people (supporting more than 2 is fine, but not required).


  1. Make a board - it should be a path, with a beginning and end, and be the size of no more than two 8.5x11 sheets of paper
  2. Find a narrative - what are players racing toward or from? This should *NOT* be complex, it can just be a description of what the players and space are, and what the motivation is.
  3. Define the core mechanic - how do players move? e.g. rolling dice, drawing cards, using some resource, answering questions, ...
  4. Include some interaction between players - e.g. what happens when one lands on another? How can one player affect another player's movement?

On Sep 6, bring your game, consisting of the board and rules. Use any generic tokens from the supplies in room 242 for the game pieces. You will swap games with other students, test them, and write up a critique of the other game(s). You'll then have 1 week to revise your own game based on the feedback.

Revised games are due in class on Thursday, September 13.

Games will be reviewed based on the clarity and completeness of the rules, whether you have satisfied the above 4 points, the quality of your comments on other students' games, and whether you improved your game based in part on the comments.


1 rules neatly, clearly formatted
1 list all the parts of the game
2 proper grammar & spelling
2 board is legible/readable
2 has a narrative
2 has a clear goal
2 has interaction between the players
6 rules are complete; clearly state what to do; no glaring ambiguities or holes
3 had playable first draft to test in class
5 addressed feedback from testing
5 provided meaningful feedback on other game